Ecstasy by Tiziana Terenzi, Extrait De Parfum Spray . Launched by the design house of Tiziana Terenzi in the year 2012. this oriental woody fragrance has a blend of pine, spruce, stone powder, incense, patchouli, rose, violet, sandalwood, amber, cistrose, Tonka, forest land, and ancient wood notes.

Ecstasy by Tiziana Terenzi, 3.3 oz Extrait De Parfum Spray

Ecstasy, Terenzi, Extrait De Parfum Spray

Floral Collection Jasmin by Eau De Cologne Spray . Bergamot and tea open the scent, delighting the nose with their fresh accords before drifting to the perfume’s heart: Sweet jasmine flower and zesty neroli. Creamy tonka bean balances out the other two base notes of musk and cedar, ending the scent on a delightful yet subtle note.

4711 Floral Collection Jasmin by 4711 3.4oz Eau De Cologne Spray

Floral Collection Lilac by Eau De Cologne Spray . Fruity top notes welcome you in zesty bergamot and juicy peach, while sweet freesia provides a segue into the flowery middle notes. The heart is a beautiful bouquet of three springtime blossoms: Intoxicating lilac, sweet red rose and potent jasmine. Base notes are woody and musky, a light hint of sandalwood giving you an earthy accord that clings to your skin and lasts all night long.

4711 Floral Collection Lilac by 4711 3.4oz Eau De Cologne Spray

Floral Collection Rose by Eau De Cologne Spray . Floral, woody and musky, the cologne opens with the aromatic accord of green tea before combining citrusy bergamot and mandarin orange. Next is the floral heart of the perfume, delightful red rose and freesia with sweet violet. The base notes finish the scent, a musky sandalwood blend that wraps everything together in a lovely package.

4711 Floral Collection Rose by 4711 3.4oz Eau De Cologne Spray

Gin & Tonic by Demeter, Cologne Spray . This simple blend’s slightly bitter tone is a real zinger. Linear in constuction, an enlivening boost of juniper berry wraps the zesty sweetness of lime in its mysterious crispy musk feel. The strength of the juniper and lime is washed in a bath of thirst-quenching water notes sparkling with dewy freshness

Gin & Tonic by Demeter, 4 oz Cologne Spray

Hayati by Al Haramain, Perfume Oil. Top notes are Musk and Amber; middle notes are Musk, Rose and Sugar; base notes are Musk, Agarwood (Oud) and Woody Notes.

Hayati by Al Haramain, 0.4 oz Perfume Oil for